Farmer Makes 2 Million Years Old Archeological Find When Walking Dog


This farmer was on a stroll around his property when he happened upon something genuinely puzzling. After examining it from every angle, he realized that it was something he had never seen before. Soon enough, word of his find began to travel around his small community. This was no longer a secret find, but one that would have the world talking. It was time for Jose to call in the experts.

Meet Jose

It was a crisp Christmas day in 2015 when Jose Antonio Nievas decided to take a stroll around his farm. He took his dogs with him, as he knew they needed some exercise. As they walked around the perimeter of the farm, Jose noticed something out of the ordinary.

It was not something he had ever seen on his farm before, and he could not tell what it was. It had an egg-like shape and was stuck in the bank of a small river.