All of The Most Talked-About Worldly Foodie Trends


Food is one of the great marvels that defy linguistic and cultural barriers. There’s not a hungry belly in the world which isn’t sated by a weird and wonderful dish, no matter its origins. And as with most things in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving globalized society, there seems to be a consistent stream of new and often outrageous trends to get on board with. Here’s a look at some of the interesting foodie trends currently making their rounds.

Lively Lattes
We are proud, self-proclaimed coffee addicts. To our collective, caffeine-hungry joy, there are a whole new host of latte flavors that are making their way into the mainstream in 2018. Notable flavors include beetroot, charcoal, peanut butter and matcha. The vividly-pink beetroot latte appears to be a particular favorite. Aside from it’s instagrammable color, the brew also boasts the root vegetable’s numerous health benefits; it’s rich in antioxidants, helps to detoxify the liver and can reduce inflammation.

Let’s Taco About It
There are few people who can resist the charms of the Taco, and now those foodies with a persistent sweet-tooth can also partake in the Tex Mex flavorful fun. Dessert Tacos are fast becoming a well-talked about and munched-upon food trend, especially in foodie hotspots in NYC. The tortilla is replaced with a sweet, wafer-like shell. The fillings vary from ice cream to fresh strawberries to Nutella-topped caramelized banana.

Cannabis Cuisine
Stoners around the world will be delighted to hear that cannabis has made its way into the kitchen. As more and more states legalize marijuana, there has been a considerable rise in foods that experiment with pot-enhanced ingredients. Forget that brownie recipe from your adolescent years, restaurants, particularly in always on-trend Los Angeles, are experimenting with flavors of floral cannabis flower or earthy and peppery Hashish.

Meet the New Meat
Plant-based food technology is fast progressing. As more health-conscious individuals consider the consequences of our rampant meat consumption, many are seeking healthier alternatives. Plant-based meats aim to mimic the texture, taste and even the smell of their real counterparts. ‘Clean’ meats are making an appearance on menus in tech-triumphant Silicon Valley, from hamburgers to schnitzels to drool-worthy steaks.