10 Hacks That Will Change the Way You Pack

Gone are the days of you wrestling your clothes, jewelry and knick-knacks into your suitcase. These ingenious, space-saving and travel-smart hacks will forever change the way you pack your suitcase!

1. Button Up
Ever lost one of your favorite pairs of earrings in transit? We have a hack for that. Keep track of your stud earrings using buttons.

2. Roll On
Forget everything you know about folding your clothes. Rolling your sweaters and shirts will leave them wrinkle-free and offer you more space to spare.

3. Shower Secret
Keep the dirty soles of your shoes away from your newly-dry-cleaned items. Place your shoes in a shower cap to keep things tidy.

4. Fill Your Soul
Make use of that extra bit of space and fill your shoes with small items, pairs of socks or rolled up ties and scarves

5. Layer Up
Brave a long flight while wearing your heaviest garments. Layer up, don a jacket, throw on a scarf and a purse so save on luggage space.

6. Outfit on Key
This is a simple hack that is going to save you lots of time digging through your luggage. Pack your clothes by outfit, that way everything you need for the day ahead is within arm’s reach.

7. Cube Clever
Use packing cubes! These are easy-to-use dividers that are cheap and so helpful. They’ll easily divide your packing space into categorized compartments.

8. Downsize It
Do not make the mistake of packing all of your toiletries as is. Use travel size containers for bulky items like moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner.

9. Water Away
There is nothing worse than having something leak in your luggage. Make sure your bits and pieces are waterproof. Use Ziploc plastic bags to avoid any liquid disasters.

10. Laundry Wise
Bring a laundry bag! This will allow you to throw in any items in need of a wash and save on getting your used and fresh items mixed up. We suggest something soft with a drawstring.