5 World Festivals That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Holi Festival, India
Each year in a wild flurry of color, song and celebration, tourists flock to India to attend the Holi festival. The event is held to honor the arrival of Spring, to celebrate joy, freedom, friendship and love. The festival takes place at the start of March as winter recedes and the pleasures of warmer days approach.

Afrika Burn, South Africa

With a spectacular display of art, human creativity and unbridled self-expression, Afrika Burn is one of the world’s most magnificent, largely unknown festivals. The event is all about communal living resting upon values of generosity, kindness and money-free exchanges. International artists build towering structures that are later set ablaze on the final night of the festival.

Day of the Dead, Mexico

There are few people who have not heard about this culturalĀ and extravagant event. The festival is all about the joyous gathering of friends and family. Mexicans dress up in colorful, skull-inspired ensembles in a show of respect to the deceased. The ritualistic celebration is brimming with cultural significance and historical reverence.

Running of the Bulls, Spain

The streets are cleared, the participants don the traditional white uniform, the raging bulls are released – and so the stage is set for one of Spain’s most thrilling national events. This wild traditional festival is not for the faint-hearted. The practice of chasing a dozen charging bulls through the Spanish streets has been a tradition for the last seven centuries.

Venice Carnival, Italy

Venice is known as one of Europe’s most hedonistic cultural hotspots. The Venice Festival is world-famous for its elaborate costumes, towering wigs and indulgent costume balls. Natives and travelers flock to the city and descend upon the urban streets in a wild display honoring the decadent local tradition. Get out your most extravagant outfit and book your ticket!