Your Ultimate Amsterdam Bucket List


The famous Dutch city has a laid back energy, whilst offering a popular night-life and coffee shop scene to travelers worldwide. Here are our insider tips of the hottest places to hit.


The Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh Museum is one of the most popular cultural attractions in Amsterdam, and for obvious reasons. Yet not a lot of tourists know to check it out on certain Friday evenings, when the mood changes and cocktails are mixed, along with the cities coolest DJs playing hip live music. Make sure to book your tickets online in advance.


Chin Chin Club

Chin Chin Club, is notable as one of the top joints to eat, drink, play, dance and sing. If you love karaoke, then you are in for a treat, as  it has private karaoke rooms, wild club nights, ping-pong tables, while its bartenders will whip you up some delicious cocktails, that will definitely keep you partying all night. This is definitely one place to celebrate.


REM Eiland Restaurant

This is a true adventure. To reach the REM Eiland Restaurant, you’re whisked aboard a boat to a former pirate broadcast station. Once you enter its dining level, 15 meters high, you are welcomed by true industrial-chic style. You must try their Dutch cheese soufflé, as you gaze out at the water traffic and watch the barges  float past. This promises a romantic evening.


This magical city was definitely designed with the notion that it needs to be admired from the water. In the elegant Jordaan district on lovely Prinsengracht canal, two of the cities coolest hotels also have their own boats. In the evening, The Dylan’s 19th-century boat turns into a floating restaurant, Vinkeles on the Water. For your own individual experience, you can charter it privately for a very exclusive floating picnic. We highly recommend doing this.