The Cast Of The Wonder Years: Where Are They Now?

Josh Saviano-Then

“The Wonder Years” cast New Jersey-raised Saviano as Kevin Arnold’s extra-nerdy Jewish best friend Paul Pfeiffer. The job earned Saviano some minor TV and movie roles, but his real life after the show ended wasn’t far off from where viewers left Paul: studying law at Harvard.

Josh Saviano-Now

Saviano studied Political Science at Yale University where he became president of Sigma Nu. Whilst at college, the Internet blew up, when it was believed that he had grown up to be Marilyn Manson (whose real name is Brian Warner). “I’d get 20 e-mails a week!” Saviano told People magazine in 2000.

Daniel Stern-Then

After earning his breakthrough role in 1982’s “Diner,” Stern became a fixture of early ’90s lighter fare starring in “City Slickers,” the first two “Home Alone” films, “Rookie of the Year” and narrating the voice of grown-up Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) on “The Wonder Years.” Did you know? That he also directed 10 episodes of the series.

Daniel Stern-Now

Stern has continued to work in TV and movies. He lent his voice to the titular character on the TV series “Dilbert,” guest starred on “Monk” and played the father of Ellen Page’s character in Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut “Whip It.” He also has a passion for bronze sculpture and is an artist. He recently played the character of Mickey’s father in the popular and successful Netflix series “Love”.

Jason Hervey-Then

Though Hervey had bit parts in “Back to the Future” and on “Diff’rent Strokes,” his big break came at 16 when he joined “The Wonder Years” as Kevin’s older brother and the Arnolds’ middle child, Wayne. He mainly tormented Kevin and his best friend Paul and often referred to his little brother as “butthead.”

Jason Hervey-Now

Hervey had some minor TV and movie parts in his post-“Wonder Years” career, but he moved behind the scenes. A guest appearance on World Championship Wrestling television during his time on “The Wonder Years” led to a position as executive producer there, a job he held until the company’s closed in 2001. These days, Hervey works as a producer for various reality TV shows, including Big Easy Bride, Scott Baio is 45…And Single, and Confessions of a Teen Idol. He’s also married to former adult film star Angel Hart.

Olivia d’Abo-Then

The British born actress was 19 years old when she signed on to “The Wonder Years” as Kevin’s older, hippie sister Karen. Her peaceful, free-loving attitude clashed with her father’s (Dan Lauria) and when she moved in with her boyfriend (David Schwimmer) as a freshman in college, they had a major falling out.

Olivia d’Abo-Now

Post “Wonder Years,” d’Abo recurred as villain Nicole Wallace on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” She’s also appeared in other TV shows (from “Spin City” to “Alias”), multiple movies and has voiced many an animated TV character (like Melanie Walker/Ten in “Batman Beyond” and Star Sapphire in “Justice League).

Dan Lauria-Then

Dan Lauria spent five years portraying the loud, set-in-his ways Jack Arnold, Kevin Arnold’s father on “The Wonder Years.” During that time, Lauria also had several roles in TV movies including “Dead And Alive: The Grace Of Gus Farace,” “Overexposed” and more.

Dan Lauria-Now

Since “The Wonder Years,” Lauria has had guest starring roles on several TV series and was most recently seen on “Harry’s Law,” “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Perception.” He currently stars on TBS’ “Sullivan & Son” as Jack Sullivan.

Alley Mills-Then

Best known for playing the classic, complacent ’60s housewife Norma Arnold on “The Wonder Years,” Alley Mills also had roles in several TV movies and had a small part in the series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” shortly after her “Wonder Years” stint.

Alley Mills-Now

Twenty-five years later, Alley Mills is still a big name in the TV world. The 61-year-old actress currently stars as Pamela Douglas on the CBS soap “The Bold And The Beautiful” for the past six years.

David Schwimmer-Then

Three years before Friends, David Schwimmer began his four-episode arc as Karen’s boyfriend (and eventual husband) Michael. This was his start in the television world.

David Schwimmer-Now

David got his big break in Friends, which cast him as the lovable Ross. The show became one of the greatest sitcoms in history. Most recently he acted in the television drama based on the story of O.J Simpson “The People VS O.J” He played the character of attorney Robert Kardashian.

Giovanni Ribisi-Then

Ribisi was brought on to play Kevin’s buddy Jeff Billings for the last two seasons of ‘The Wonder Years.’ He already had a pretty impressive TV resume as a series regular on ‘Davis Rules’ and ‘My Two Dads.’

Giovanni Ribisi-Now

You may recognize Ribisi as the creepy guy from almost any Seth MacFarlane movie or as Phoebe Buffay’s younger half-brother, but before all that he played Kevin Arnold’s good friend in his teenage years. Along with his previously mentioned roles, the 40-year-old actor also appeared in Lost in Translation, Dads, Avatar, and many more films. He married model Agyness Deyn in June 2012; they filed for divorce in early 2015.

Ben Stein-Then

Ben Stein’s best known for his monotonously bland teacher roles. Bueller? Bueller? And in true form, he returned to the same type of role as Mr. Cantwell. He later played the voice of Rabbi Goldberg in Family Guy.

Ben Stein-Now

Aside from constantly fighting the good fight against dry eyes, lawyer and media personality Stein, 70, is focused on politics and the economy. He regularly appears on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report and writes commentaries, often controversial, on everything from terrorism to taxes for numerous publications. Of course, Stein is famous for his dry delivery – which he has kept alive in pop culture through roles in The Fairly OddParents and his own show, Win Ben Stein’s Money.

Robert Picardo-Then

Kevin lived in fear of the bullying gym coach, Coach Cutlip, but in real life Robert Picardo has proved to be a much nicer guy than his Wonder Years counterpart. He played The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager, Dr. Dick Richard on China Beach, and Richard Woolsey on Stargate: Atlantis

Robert Picardo-Now

Comic-Con connoisseurs probably know Picardo as an Emergency Medical Hologram from Star Trek: Voyager, a role he played from 1995 to 2001. The actor, 61, now enjoys singing and serving as a member of the Advisory Council of The Planetary Society.

Fred Savage Then

The adorable chipmunk face that launched a thousand crushes, the boy Wonder himself is now fully grown and back on TV. Following The Wonder Years, Savage made a number of movie and TV guest appearances, including Boy Meets World and Austin Powers: Goldmember.

Fred Savage Now

Currently, the 39-year-old star appears on the new FOX show The Grinder, alongside Rob Lowe. While he didn’t wed Winnie Copper, Savage did marry his childhood friend, Jennifer Lynn Stone. The couple has three children together. In recent years, Savage has taken on directing and producing roles for various TV show including “Ugly Betty,” “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” “Modern Family,” “Happy Endings” and more. Savage has also recently appeared in the films “Single White Millionaire” and “Being Bin Laden,” and voiced a character in the TV series.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar-Then

Mark-Paul Gosselaar was pulling Zack Morris moves before he was Zack Morris. He’s only in a Wonder Years episode for two lines, but those two lines are used to steal the incomparable Lisa Berlini away from Kevin.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar-Now

Since his Saved By The Bell days, The 42-year-old appears to have piled on the pounds and grown a long beard. He is now part of the cast of a new show called’Pitch’. The former child-star is working on the Fox drama which tells the story of a female baseball pitcher who makes it to the major leagues with Gosselaar playing a veteran catcher and all-star captain on her team. He recently appeared on the Tonight show and did a Saved By The Bell reunion will Jimmy Fallon.

Dustin Diamond-Then

Right around the time Saved by the Bell was taking off, Dustin Diamond made a stop at RFK junior high for P.E. before he was transferred to Bayside and became forever known as Screech. This actually gave him his big break into kid acting stardom.

Dustin Diamond-Now

Diamond began doing stand up comedy after the end of Saved by the Bell, and has toured on and off ever since. He has also been featured on a number of reality shows including The Weakest Link, and Celebrity Boxing. Diamond has also made several cameo appearances in films. In 2009, he also played the part of “Alumnus Guy #1” in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love. He made headlines most recently for his DUI. Not so innocent Screech anymore.

Soleil Moon Frye-Then

Punky Brewster herself appeared as Mimi, the daughter of one of Jack’s coworkers, in “Growing Up.” It seems many young actors got their start on the show.

Soleil Moon Frye-Now

After growing up from becoming a child actor, she also got a big break on the children’s show Sabrina the teenage witch. After this she also had a stint on Saved By The Bell. After acting, she opened her own environmentally friendly children’s boutique called The Little Seed. She now has two young children and is focusing on hr brand and motherhood.

Juliette Lewis-Then

Two years before doing Cape Fear, young Juliette Lewis macked on Wayne as his girlfriend Delores in three Season 2 episodes.

Juliette Lewis-Now

She gained fame for her role in Martin Scorsese’s 1991 remake of the thriller Cape Fear for which she was nominated for both an Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. This followed with major roles in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Natural Born Killers, Strange Days, The Evening Star, Kalifornia, From Dusk till Dawn, The Other Sister and Conviction. Her work in television has resulted in two Emmy nominations.

Ben Savage-Then

Fred Savage’s little brother Ben, who went on to star in Boy Meets World, played Curtis (as Cupid) in “The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

Ben Savage-Now

America watched Ben Savage (Fred Savage’s little bro) grow from an adorable kiddo into a young man during his seven year stint on Boy Meets World. After the show ended in 2000, Savage graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Political Science and took a three year break from acting to follow Bruce Springsteen’s tour around the country with his dad. Now he’s acting again on shows like Chuck, Bones, and Without a Trace.

Michael Bower-Then

Michael Bower AKA Donkeylips was one of Kevin’s classmates in three episodes — but his character’s name kept changing. Here he is as Joe in “Faith.”

Michael Bower-Now

Despite his waning popularity in Hollywood, Bower has taken much more from his early success especially when it comes to his three-episode run on The Wonder Years where he met his close friend, Fred Savage. “I am great friends with Fred Savage to this day,” Bower said. “We both have a crazy love for football cards and have been collecting together for years.” Their friendship doesn’t stop there, however, as Bower says he plans on having Savage direct one of his upcoming projects. Now that’s a partnership we can’t wait to see!

Danica McKellar- Then

You could forget Winnie Cooper? Danica McKellar played Kevin’s crush-turned-girlfriend and the epitome of the girl next door for five seasons. Though Kevin and Winnie shared a innocent, but powerful kiss in the woods in the “Wonder Years” pilot — a kiss McKellar later said was her first — their relationship remained dormant for years.

Danica McKellar-Now

After Kevin and Winnie’s final summer, McKellar went to UCLA and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Armed with a passion for fractions, McKellar has written four math-related books that are aimed at encouraging middle and high school students, especially girls, to embrace their love for mathematics. On television, the 40-year-old actress had a recurring role on The West Wing and has also appeared on How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Dancing with the Stars. She married attorney Scott Sveslosky in 2014 and has one child from a previous marriage.