The Most Hilarious Sports Fails You Need To See To Believe

Foul Ball

This base baller got quite a surprise when a baseball made its way for the batter in a rather unfortunate place. These wild foul balls hey.  Caption this yourself for fun.

Ball Games

Tennis requires a lot of concentration. You just never know when the next ball can come flying. This shot could not have been more perfectly timed if you ask us. That squinting eye, the mouth movement, we wonder what happened next.

Court Romance

Steam mates create life long bond, and players can get to know one another on a very personal level. It appears these two Lakers players are particularly close, maybe a little too close. Was this an accident?

Tongue Tied

Slam dunk the funk. This is a classic! Caught in the perfect moment. This unfortunate incident must have left a pretty awful taste in that poor guy’s mouth. We don’t know who will be more scarred from it.

Ball Contact

This one is great. Um hello, guys, you are supposed to play with your hands. We wonder how that played out for their pain thresh hold.

Nap Time

These two seem to have found themselves in this hilarious position mid tackle. Or maybe he stopped to do a much needed dab?

Nosy Play

Sports players will think of just about anything to distract their opponent, or stop them from scoring. This particular move is quite innovative. Picking his nose so that he doesn’t have to. Go on, get right in there.

Fallen Faces

How divers can fall through the air so gracefully, is beyond us. However, we never really get to see their faces close up. This is absolutely hilarious, he looks like he has just done the world’s biggest sneeze.

Biting At The Bait

We know wrestling is all about getting your opponent where it hurts, but we think this contestant took it a bit too literally. We wonder what this guy’s come back was.

Slow Dance

This looks like they are actually slow dancing and nestling each others heads together in a loving way. We know it wasn’t like that, but it is very comical.

Outfit Blunder

We’re not sure who designed these cyclist’s costumes but they should look into finding an alternative line of work. At a quick glance, it looks as if these ladies are nude. The crotch-padding also doesn’t do them any favors. Sorry, ladies.

Bummed Out

The guy on the stretcher not only would have been in immense pain, but then also had to endure his head right up the volunteers behind. A double whammy there. Let’t hope he didn’t let one rip.

Face Fail

Shot put is a dangerous sport and one that requires some serious skill. Hurling a heavy ball long distances is no easy task. But from the looks of it, there is no need to tell this guy. Just look at that face. Not exactly a picture perfect moment. We hope the ball swung the other way and not in his face.

Head over Skates

We’ve got to give it to this figure skater, she has some seriously impressive upper-body strength. However,  it seems this trick didn’t exactly go according to plan. This might have ended with a trip to the emergency room. Perhaps it should have been him doing the lift. Just a thought.

Putting Your Foot in It

Now, this is some innovative choreography. Synchronized swimming requires the team of ladies to wow the judges with their imaginative and creative moves. Sadly, this maneuver might have led to this swimmer walking away with a bruise and not a trophy.

Face First

they say a picture is worth a thousand words but this one is definitely worth a thousand laughs. We just hope he did not end in a belly flop.

Up Close and Personal

There’s a lot going on in this scene. Not only are these wrestlers engaged in what appears to be a heated game of Twister but the referee seems to not want to miss out on all the fun. At least the ref takes his job seriously. Are you having fun in there?

The Upper Hand

This might appear to be a four-armed ping pong-playing mythical creature but in fact, this hilarious image is just the product of a particularly well-timed snap. Perhaps this is a national sport on some alien planet?

Enjoying The View

It is hard not to get distracted by the toned bodies at a beach volleyball match, but the president just could not help himself. It appears that George Bush had a great time enjoying the view rather than keeping his eyes on the scoreboard.

Cheer Fear

College and high school sports are all about the pretty cheerleaders rooting on the sidelines. You might think it’s all about the outfits and the pom poms but cheerleading actually requires some serious physical skills. We’re not sure if these ladies are straining from the exertion or they’re not impressed with the view…

Bottom’s Up

This tennis player went to some lengths to ensure she won the point. We’re going to have to check our rulebook to see whether one can be assisted by their own bottom…


Lewd Nude

Every now and then, a sports event is interrupted by a crazy streaker across the field. It always makes for a fun show for the audience.  This stole the limelight during a soccer match in Zurich. He even appears to be making a phone call! It didn’t take too long before the naked guy was tackled by security.

Horsing Around

At the Beijing 2008 Olympic games, this horse and his nervous jockey had some difficulty with this fairy-tale inspired show jumping course.

Getting Handsy

Rio Ferdinand is one of the world’s most respected football players. But even the most talented sportsmen seem to find themselves in some rather sticky situations if you will. We’re not entirely sure how this strange moment happened but it definitely inspired a few laughs in the locker room. One for the memory books.

Too Far

Rugby is a sport where the players get truly up close and personal with each other and opposing team members in order to win. This big bloke seemed to take things a little too far. There is nothing worse than a wedgie.

Undies Out

When you win a game, there is nothing like having a little on-field victory. Some perform backflips amidst the crowd’s cheers while some boys have a more unconventional way of expressing their elation. We think that this particular celebration would have probably been more appropriate for the locker room.

Unfortunate Underpants

Wrestling is one of the most contact sports there is. Fighters seem to get themselves into some strange and often uncomfortable situations, to the delight of the audience of course.  Of all the sports fails we’ve seen this unfortunate mishap definitely takes the cake. We can’t say that it tickled his pickle though.

Right in the…

Bull fighting is a traditional Spanish sport. Matadors face the ring to take on a raging bull. While some manage to get away unharmed, others can’t avoid getting themselves into some painful situations like this one. We’ve got to give it to the bull – that’s definitely a bullseye. But ouch!

Soccer Bum

Incredibly, this soccer player found himself in quite an awkward situation with a player from the opposing team. We would have loved to see how this would have played out.

Caught With His Pants Down

We hope this got him a goal. Hs tighty whities were out for all to see here, as he did anything to nail the shot. This is definitely one of our favorite fails.