Restaurant App Helps to Save This Woman's Children Lives


Restaurant App Helps to Save This Woman’s Children Lives

Pizza is arguably one of the most delicious foods in the world. It covers all of the food groups, like grain, vegetables, meat, and dairy. For one woman though, ordering a delicious piping hot pizza from Pizza Hut was less about receiving the pizza, and more of a call for help. Everything seemed normal until a man in Florida decided to start bothering her. Without having easy access to her phone, and being able to call emergency services, she did the next best thing. This involved Pizza Hut, but to find out exactly what happened you will just need to keep reading.

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl Treadaway was a mom with three children, who had not had the easiest of lives. She had begun dating a man named Ethan Nickerson, when she realized that he wasn’t quite right.

They would find themselves having very bad fights, which would just continue to escalate. In 2015, they were having one of these fights, when Ethan became more agitated than normal. Usually, he would just yell a lot, but this time he found a knife.