Scolding note left on new mom's car after she parked in parent and child space


Scolding note left on new mom’s car after she parked in parent and child space

There is nothing worse than driving into a parking lot at a busy time of the day like lunchtime or right after work. Finding a parking spot can become a game of Tetris as cars are pulling in and out, swooping to steal spots, and generally being like a cat and mouse as everyone tries to maneuver as close to the entrance of wherever they are going as possible. For one aunt, she saw that a parent and child space was available. Without hesitation she drove into the spot and parked her car, ready to carry on with her shopping for the day with her niece and baby in tow. After all, she had a child with her which meant that the spot was essentially meant for her to make this new mom’s life a little bit easier.
Anyone with small children or a baby knows that it can be quite juggling game to get everyone out of the car and into the shopping complex or supermarket. However, when this young mother came back to her aunt’s car she found a note which was extremely uncalled for.

Meet Chloe

The mom at the heart of this story is Chloe Connolly who is a resident of Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom. She had just had a cesarean section for the birth of her baby boy, Avery. Like all new moms, Chloe was getting some help with her few weeks old baby from her dear aunt Sandra.

Sandra took on driving duties as Chloe was still healing and when it became apparent they needed to go to the shop she drove them.