Interesting Coffee Cultures From Around the World


There are few people who don’t relish the simple pleasure of waking up to a steaming cup of coffee. Coffee connoisseurs believe the caffeine-boosting drink is not simply a beverage, it’s a lifestyle. You’ll be surprised to discover some of these interesting coffee practices from around the globe.
Italians have many loves, but one of the most prominent of the lot is coffee. No Italian getaway is complete without a visit to one of the country’s many, many bespoke coffee cafes. Unlike Americans, Italians keep things simple. You will not find a coffee shop that offers whipped creams, exotic flavors or fancy syrups – it’s a country of coffee purists.
Coffee of Choice: The beloved Expresso
For that dash of Italian flare, order it after your meal as a digestif.
Interesting Coffee Cultures From Around the World

The Southeast Asian country has a surprisingly long and enduring love affair with coffee. There are many coffee plantations in the region of Dalat which cultivate coffee from the local Robusta Plant.
Coffee of Choice: Egg coffee
Egg coffee is a local delicacy that any daring tourist must try. The drink is traditionally prepared with robusta coffee beans, egg yolks, sugar and condensed milk.
Interesting Coffee Cultures From Around the World

Turkey is a country of avid coffee-drinkers. The nation even has a proverb declaring its love for the drink; “Coffee should be as black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love.” The Turkish blend is made from a very fine grind and usually served in a long-handled copper pot called a cezve.
Coffee of Choice: Turkish or Oriental Coffee
Order the traditional, strong brew after a meal and enjoy it with a piece of Turkish Delight.
Interesting Coffee Cultures From Around the World

The French are known to do everything with a European charm that no other national can quite pull off. This undeniably extends to its coffee drinking. The French consider it an art. There is not a Parisian corner that does not offer its visitors a place to sip on a cup of coffee.
Coffee of Choice: Cafe au Lait
Order this milky cup in the morning with your breakfast pastry. This variant is served milky in a cup wide enough to allow the dunking of a baguette or croissant.
Interesting Coffee Cultures From Around the World

The Irish rely on many indulgent acts in order to brave the country’s long and dreary winters, one of which being drinking a strong and hot cup of coffee. With true Irish panache, the alcohol lovers of the region have added a heavy dash of whiskey to their local brew.
Coffe of Choice: Irish Coffee
This coffee might just be mistaken for a cocktail. Irish coffee is traditionally served with Irish whiskey, a heaped spoon of sugar and topped generously with whipped cream.
Interesting Coffee Cultures From Around the World

Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee. The beverage is not simply revered but the drinking of this beverage has been ritualized into a ceremonial cultural practice. Coffee is a reason to gather and socialize with elders, friends and family.
Coffee of Choice: Buna
Buna can often require a two-hour brewing process. It is served with salt or butter.
Interesting Coffee Cultures From Around the World

The Greeks know about the leisurely practice of relaxation. Slow and languid summer afternoons are spent reclining with a cup of coffee in a town square before returning home for a siesta.
Coffee of Choice: Frappe
This glass is served iced with sugar and evaporated milk. Order it as an antidote to the Grecian heat, and be sure to sip it slow, as the locals do.
Interesting Coffee Cultures From Around the World