Bucket List: Hiking Zion National Park

Some people crave the city life when they go on vacation, the parties, the museums, and the historical sites but others just want to get away from it all. For those of you that like a simpler holiday full of hiking, the great outdoors, and an abundance of natural beauty then you should definitely put Zion National Park in Utah on your bucket list. The rock formations found in the multitude of canyons and ravines are truly breathtaking. This is the place to get back to basics and find some peace. Here are the top three hikes you should consider.

Angels Landing

This is considered one of the traditional hikes. It is by no means a beginner hike, so expect it to be quite strenuous. As you follow the West Rim Trail you will have a variety of viewpoints before the main event, to stop at and take pictures. Some areas will require a bit of finessing but there are handholds to help you along on your hike to the top of the rock formation that encompasses Angels Landing. When you complete your hike you will be around 1500 feet from the bottom of the canyon. As this is quite a high hike be prepared with plenty of water as it will be a sweaty one!

Observation Point Trail

This is another classic trail because of the viewpoint that you are rewarded with at the end. This one takes you quite a bit higher than Angels Landing to a max elevation of 2,100 feet. It is not that long of a hike and can be done in a day clocking in at around 13 kilometers. However, the incline is intense and you will be walking straight uphill for the first half until you reach the top. As you hike though, you will catch sneak peeks of Echo Canyon which will make it worth it once you reach the top and have the entire canyon laid out before you. Pack a good picnic lunch, you will want to sit up there for a bit and just bask in nature and how amazing she is.

Emerald Pools Trail

This is a family-friendly hike, you won’t need to worry about creeping up a rock face like the other two. The trail will lead you along a stream which has made the whole area nice and green before swirling away into pools for you to dip your feet in to. Just be mindful that since this is more of a meander, lots of families will be out there with their children, so you may want to hit it nice and early to beat the other crowds. Take a hike!