A Trip Down Memory Lane: 1969's Woodstock


A Trip Down Memory Lane: 1969’s Woodstock

Music festivals happen all around the world now. Belgium’s Tomorrowland and the United Kingdom’s Glastonbury draw music lovers from every corner of the globe. Before modern-day music festivals, though, there was 1969’s Woodstock festival, which lay the groundwork for every music festival to come. It featured 35 of the biggest acts of the time and was also a platform for free speech regarding the Vietnam War. There has never been a festival quite like it since, which is why it continues to be one of the most remembered historical events in recent history. Keep scrolling to see some of the highlights caught on film.

The Setting

Woodstock hosted over 500,000 festival-goers, which meant that a venue that could hold that many people had to be found.

A dairy farm in the state of New York offered to host the festival, but they had no idea just how many people were going to show up for it. As more and more people poured onto the farm, it became clear that it was going to be overrun. The number of people caught the eye of the Governor at the time: Nelson Rockefeller.