Instagram's Top Travel Influencers

Before Instagram began, there was no such thing as getting to travel around the world and get paid for it, but to a lucky few, that is exactly how they spend their days. Whilst the rest of us sit here day today looking at their pictures and wishing it was us, we are the ones that continue to enable them to live this amazing way of life – after all, their income is based on how many followers they have. With almost 200 countries to discover around the world, these influencers help us to choose where our next destination will be. We have far evolved from the times when we would sit in a travel agency and flick through a catalog to help us decide where we will go on our next vacation. So, who are some of the best travel influencers out there and what can we see on their profiles? Let’s take a look.

Murad Osmann
Will a staggering 4.2 million followers, we don’t see Murad Osmann stopping his travels anytime soon and its certain that with that many people watching him, he definitely isn’t a backpacker anymore. Taking his wife along for the ride, these two branded themselves with a specific pose that involves Murad holding his wife’s hand as she faces a glorious view. This clever pose then grew into the hashtag #followmeto and has people using it around the world and replicating their style of photography.

Chris Burkard
Still an amazing amount but shy of Osmann’s followers by almost 1 million is Chris Burkard with 3.3 million followers. Teaching himself while on the road, Chris has grown his platform enormously after learning the tricks of traveling and a special type of photography while he was just a little old backpacker. Chris has been able to achieve excessive success and has gone on to shoot album covers for major stars as well as publish books and win awards. His work has been noted to be “unreal, mind-blowingly beautiful, and mesmerizing.”

Jack Morris
Going by his Instagram handle, doyoutravel, Jack started his travel just like any other backpacker and later went on to join forces with Lauren Bullen who he met on a trip and the pair eventually became an item. His specialty sees him picturing some of the most epic travel shots there is including natural wonders and hidden cultures. Jack has 2.8 million followers and growing.