4 Apps That Will Give You Travel Insta Stories The Boost They Need

Anybody who has an Instagram account knows by now that ‘influencers’ are always employing the latest apps to make their stories unique, from cool graphics to specialized borders and so much more. We have tested A LOT of them and these four each provide something unique while giving your travel stories a major upgrade that are sure to please you and your followers.
4 Apps That Will Give You Travel Insta Stories The Boost They Need

This app is geared towards borders and users can choose from a wide selection such as those with classic instant photo cutouts and text cards that display information and quotes. The stories you create with this app have a minimalist feel to a lot of them and are designed to make your stories look like they belong in a magazine. It provides a very classy edge and will appeal to photographers and travelers who want a well-curated story collection.

StoryLuxe has been around for a while and the reason users like it is because it is very easy to use. There are a ton of fun borders to choose from such as neon light ones with hang loose hands, floral cutouts, frames that look like film negatives and many more. This is more for the traveler who wants a fun account and would work especially well with pictures and videos captured at music festivals.
4 Apps That Will Give You Travel Insta Stories The Boost They Need

This app is simply amazing. It has a similar minimalist feel as Unfold but the templates on offer are more interactive and geared towards making stories look like expensively shot videos. There are quite a few free ones but the Pro package will be a must for travelers who truly want to present a luxury vibe on their stories. This is good for making photo collages like top photos of the day and then segueing into a specific story path for one destination. This will definitely become a go-to app for any traveler looking to up their story game.
Life Lapse
Last but not least is this app which is completely different than the previous three. It is designed so that you can make video progressions or stop time videos. If you want to take a video of someone walking across the screen in different locations you can stitch them all together. This will give a traveler the appearance of walking through say seven different cities in a matter of seconds which can look really neat. Travelers can also do packing videos where they place important items inside their luggage and then speed up the process to show their followers how they are getting ready for their next big trip.
Any of these apps, or even combining some of them will definitely make your stories more engaging and maybe even nab you a few new followers!