4 Reasons Why You Should Be Sailing Around The Greek Islands

For those of you who are sailors or have done a bit of sailing you probably know what the allure of sailing around the Greek Islands are. But for those who have yet to get their sea legs then there are some major bonuses to be had by sailing from island to island, seeing sunsets off the bow of your chartered yacht, and simply charting a course to whatever island you want to go to. Here are the top four reasons you should charter a yacht and set sail along the Aegean sea and see some of the most breathtaking beaches and rock formations in the world.

Chart Your Own Course
Traveling from island to island in Greece is not as easy as driving from point A to point B. It takes some major research to see what islands you want to visit, which ferries to take, how long they will take (sometimes hours or even a night), and then how to return once you’ve reached some far-flung island in the Cyclades. By chartering a yacht or sailboat you eliminate the need to look at ferry timetables or schedule everything according to public transportation. All you need to do is pick how many weeks you want to be out on the water and tell your skipper where you want to go and when.

Secluded Spots
Since you can sail into whatever marina or little bay your skipper has deemed safe to moor at your options for where you want to go to sleep or wake up at are almost endless. If you don’t want to be around people you can simply ask to drop anchor in a secluded cove. Then you can frolic on the beach the next morning and get away from the hordes of tourists that flock to the more accessible parts of certain islands.

The Boats
If you want a unique accommodation experience then staying on a yacht is definitely that. Depending on the size you select, and how many people you are traveling with there should be a number of berths or cabins to choose from. Some of these will have large double beds, singles tucked into their own private nooks, and bathrooms on board with showers to rinse off after a long day on the water. Each one is fairly modern, and if you crack a hatch you will get a nice sea breeze while you sleep.
The Food
These tend to be all-inclusive experiences so your skipper and his crew will be in charge of making sure that you have delicious meals whenever you want them. Imagine waking up to a spread of fresh fruit, crusty bread, and mimosas on the deck each morning, or grilled fish, focaccia and ouzo when the stars come out. This will be an experience you will never forget and all you need to do is lay back and relax.