The 'Real' Downton Abbey Will Soon be Available on Airbnb

The ‘Real’ Downton Abbey Will Soon be Available on Airbnb

Fancy yourself being a lord or lady of your own English manor house? Have you ever caught yourself imagining what it would be like to rub elbows with the characters in Downton Abbey? Well, thanks to Airbnb anyone can now live out their country manor, aristocratic fantasies and spend the night in the real Downton Abbey! That’s right, the manor featured on Downton Abbey is soon to be listed on Airbnb.
Highclere Castle, known best as the real house from Downton Abbey, has been the family manor of the Carnarvon family since 1679 and features over 300 opulent and historic rooms. In an effort to share the homes heritage and history with the greater public, the present Lady Carnarvon has decided to open up the house, for a limited period, to the public.
That’s right, guests will now be able to stay at this extravagant location and live out their Downton Abbey fantasies as they experience the castle and all of its splendor. For $160 per night, two lucky guests will follow in the footsteps of the Dues and Duchesses of old and spend the night in one of the castles most luxurious suites.
The ‘Real’ Downton Abbey Will Soon be Available on Airbnb

Whether it’s chatting over predinner cocktails with the Lord and Lady or adjourning to the castles grand dining room for a scrumptious full course meal, this promises to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans of Downton Abbey. The listing will even include the services of the castle butler who will be at your beck and call for the duration of your stay.
The castle is steeped in centuries of history, and not many people know this, but you can even get a peek at some of Tutankhamun’s treasure while on your tour of the house and grounds. This rare collection of ancient artifacts belonged to the 5th Lord of Carnarvon who helped finance the excavations of King Tuts tomb. The castle also features its very own secret garden where you can take a walk and admire all of the manors hidden beauty.

But let’s be honest, while all that sounds great, the best part is being able to get the Downton Abbey experience for yourself and imagine the romance and elegance of the castle’s past. So, if you are able to visit the castle, make sure to book your stay and roam the halls of the beloved Downton. For those of us unable to visit the castle, you can always catch up with your favorite Downton characters when the new Downton Abbey movie hits the big screen.