7 European-style Christmas Markets You Can Experience in the U.S.

While most of us are staying close to home this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the wonder of a European-style Christmas market. Leaving the country, or even your hometown is a bit tricky these days but many cities have their very own Christmas markets you can wander through, provided you wear a mask. If you’ve been searching for something festive this holiday season, then you have to check out one of these three markets right here in the USA.

Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital has many sites to see, but during the holiday season the Downtown Holiday Market is the place to be. It starts on November 20th and runs until December 23rd. Local vendors and artisans from the city each have their own stalls, and tables laden with all sorts of cool goods. You can find an eclectic piece of jewelry for your special someone, a cool homemade mug, and a variety of other gifts. There are also food stalls, so you can warm-up with a cup of hot chocolate or some mulled wine as you wander around. Don’t forget to try some of the baked goods, like the gingerbread men at some of the baked goods stalls.

Solvang Julefest

If you want to visit one of the most authentic European-style markets in the country, then you need to visit Solvang. This town was founded by a group of Danish-Americans in 1911 and one of the main traditions they brought with them was their Christmas market. From November 30th to January 3rd, visitors to Solvang can wander through the market and pick-up traditional Danish goods. There is also a lot of traditional food, æbleskiver, a pancake that is covered in berry jam and some icing sugar. If you really want to splurge, keep an eye out for traditional Scandinavian sweaters. These are pricey but they make for amazing gifts that will last forever.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Not to be left behind, Philadelphia has its very own Christmas market. As Philadelphia has a long history of different European immigrants, the Christmas market is just like one you would find in Germany or Poland. It’s called the Peoples Gas Holiday Market, and it runs from November 27th to December 23rd. There is a lot of room for people to maintain social distancing, and stalls spaced far apart from each other. Each night there is live music in the market, featuring some of the most festive tunes of the season. There are European gifts from all over, including artwork from Poland, and German Christmas ornaments for your tree. You are guaranteed to find some truly unique stocking stuffers.

Now head on over to your local Christmas market and prepare for the holiday season!