African Adventures for Adrenaline Junkies

If you are looking for action, adventure and an adrenalin rush then Africa offers tourists the perfect combination of fun. From its untamed jungles at the highest peaks to the low lying valleys with their vast recesses, the African continent has a lot to offer brave travelers. For those of you craving high-octane fun, here are some of the best things you can do on the African continent.
Paraglide through the Heavens in Kenya
Kenya’s Kerio Valley is part of Africa’ s Great rift Valley and is bordered by Kenya’s mighty escarpment and the Tugen hills that were formed millions of years ago. Here the mighty valley runs deep into the earth leaving a massive 600-foot drop from the cliffs of the escarpment. This is the perfect spot to paraglide and make a long-distance flight to the bottom. With open skies and amazing scenery bellow, this is quite possibly the best place in Africa to paraglide
Ski the High Atlas Mountains in Morroco
As odd as it may sound, the usually warm and arad country of Morroco has some killer slopes.

Not far from the Marrakech the earth rises to form the formidable peaks of the High Atlas Mountains where snowcapped peaks await only the bravest skier. In sudden sharp drops, these slopes offer amazing views with adrenaline-packed downward runs. If you are into black diamond skiing then this hidden spot is perfect for you.
Dive with the Great Whites in South Africa
Many tourists visiting Cape Town may find themselves on a boat to seal island. But where is the fun in that? There is nothing better than cage diving in shark-infested waters to get you’re your adrenaline pumping and you can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience off the shores of Cape Town.

Here visitors can safely cage dive with great white sharks and see these mighty animals up close. If cage diving is not wild enough then why not dive the kelp forest further offshore where you are sure to encounter sharks up close without the cage.