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Amazing Sights to See in England


Once the center of the Great British Empire, England continues to stand out as a modern multicultural hub that attracts travelers from all over the globe. For visitors, England boasts some remarkable historical places, vibrant city centers, natural wonders and bucolic landscapes. For visitors who want to veer off the tourist routes, there are many amazing places to discover in England.
The Royal Pavillion
This grandiose building in Brighton was built by George IV and served as his decadent summer palace. The building is designed to look like a giant Indian palace and its interior is heavily influenced by the far east. While this architectural conundrum may look out of place in Brighton, visitors enjoy touring the now-iconic site. While a fair amount of tourists visit the Pavillion, it is nowhere near as busy as other places frequented by tourists.
Roman Baths
Studded throughout England are various sites and ruins that remind visitors that England was once part of the Roman Empire. Nowhere is this ancient roman history more evident than at the Roman bath in the aptly named city of Bath.
Amazing Sights to See in England

Here ancient Roman hot springs and baths have been preserved through the ages and the naturally heated waters continue to flow. Even from Roman times, the city of Bath was known as an ideal spa location. Visitors to the site can see the ancient Roman buildings as well as the pump room where bathers in the 19th century enjoyed the waters.
Caernarvon Castle
While most tourists will flock shamelessly to Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace, visitors to Caernarvon Castle can avoid the crowds while enjoying the site. This ancient medieval fortress was built in the 11th century and served as a sign of kingly power in Wales. While unlike Windsor and Buckingham, the castle is no longer used as a royal home and over the centuries it has fallen into disrepair.

Despite its condition, the castle is still used for the investiture for the Prince of Wales. While the exterior of the castle appears intact, the castle itself is in ruin and only the foundations survive. This hasn’t dissuaded tourists and just as the kings who built it intended, visitors to the castle stand in awe of this royal accomplishment.