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Amazing Things You Can Only Experience In Japan


There is a lot to do when you visit Japan, from its historical sites and great food to the beautiful gardens and outdoors Japan has a lot to offer tourists. However, some things you can only enjoy in Japan and for many these are the perfect reason to visit the country
Healing waters of the Japanese Hotsprings
Know as onsen, thousands of these naturally occurring hot springs can be found throughout the country. The best place to find onsen is the resort town of Beppu on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. The country’s hot springs are perfect in both summer and winter and the waters contain healing minerals that can revitalize your skin and are guaranteed to relax a weary traveler. In the Jigokudani Monkey Park, even Japan’s wild monkeys take advantage of the healing waters of their very own hot spring!
The Cherry Blossoms
Each year the thousands of cherry trees that line the streets and canals all over the country sprout beautiful cherry blossoms that transform the countryside. It’s a beautiful sight to behold as all the green turns a gentle shade of pink and the countryside is transformed into a surreal dreamland.

In an annual ritual called hanami, people tour parks and forests admiring the blossoms and collecting the fallen flowers. So experience the beauty of spring and make sure to check out the annual burst of color made by the cherry blossoms.
Staying at a traditional Ryokan
Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns that originated in the 8th century and feature traditional Japanese architecture and beautiful isolated gardens. Guests can enjoy Japanese meals and explore the handcrafted interiors while wearing the customary Japanese clothing. All the rooms in these inns have historically accurate matted flooring and seating. For fans of Japanese culture, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to emerge yourself in the traditional tatami lifestyle. The inns are also beautiful places to recharge and enjoy some quiet reflection.
Hokkaido Food Festival
Also called The Hakkai Shokudo, this mouthwatering festival is a 4-day long smorgasbord is a celebration of some Japans best foods and drinks. The festival showcases dishes from all styles of Japanese cooking and the jewel in the festival’s crown is the high-quality seafood dishes. From traditional cuisine, expertly prepared sushi, fresh oysters, world-renowned saki and delicious street food the festival appeals to any pallet.

The festival also has several stands that specialize in Japanese desserts and candies. If you love Japanese food or just food in general then this festival is a must-see.