An Automated Dumpling Shop Is Coming to NYC and it Might Be the Future of Dining

Technology is reshaping every aspect of our world. From how we communicate with each other, to how we work, and now, even the ways we eat. Or, more precisely, the ways we dine out. At least that’s what NY-based restaurant owner Stratis Morfogen says. The man behind the Brooklyn Chop House now wants to reinvent the way we eat dumplings.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop: The Automated Experience

While many people associate “automation” with the eventual takeover by the future robot overlords, the truth is a lot less ominous. “Automats” have been around for decades, though in far cruder versions than what Morfogen has cooked up this time. Automats originally fell out of style due to many technological limitations.

Fast food restaurants offered similar convenience, with more flexible payment options. Automats depended on simple coin-operated mechanisms, and that was their doom. The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop learned that lesson. The shop is equipped with a hi-tech, sanitized, and always-warm smart automat system. Food is selected and paid for via smartphone or contactless credit card payments. Customers can order without even touching the screen, simply waving their hands over the motion-sensing device.

Hi-Tech Hygiene

One of the main selling points of the Brooklyn Dumpling House is its impressive standard of hygiene. Every customer is sanitized by UV light and temperature-tested at the entrance. The entire shop is air-conditioned, and the system includes an industrial triple filter to keep the air germ-free. Customers can don antibacterial silicone covers for their shoes, and step on disinfectant mats. Despite the general lack of visible human staff, it might be the cleanest place you’ll ever dine in. Orders are delivered directly from the kitchen to the locker by the cooks. The lockers are equipped with transparent smart screen displays. You can see the contents while reading and interacting with the display. 

Tasty Treats & A Model for the Future

If Morfogen’s gambit pays off, automats may well experience a comeback. They were wildly popular in their heyday, thanks in no small part to the lack of interaction required. Combining expediency, hygiene and technology, they could usher in a whole new world of dining. Of course, that all depends on the success of the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop. The food looks absolutely delicious through Morfogen’s social media. So do the recipes in his upcoming book, Damn Good Dumplings, hitting bookstores in December 2020. New Yorkers don’t need to wait that long to find out, though. The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is already open for business, 24 hours a day. Next time you’re in the Big Apple, feel free to pop in and check it out for yourself.