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Australia, The Home Of Exciting Water Sports


The Australian continent has a lot of new sites to see, and with its welcoming coastal waters surrounding the continent, water sports are the new big thing. Instead of visiting the traditional tourist sites, why not try some of the latest and exciting water sports to get your blood pumping. If you have a sense of adventure and seek out adrenaline-packed experiences, then here are the water sports are some exiting watersports Australia has to offer.
Aqua jetpack flying
You don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie to try out this hot new trend because who wouldn’t love flying over the water. With the aqua jetpack and safety gear, you can propel yourself up above the water and whiz around to your heart’s content. This technology was developed in Australia, and you can find these jetpack adventures all along the coast in Queensland.
Underwater Scooter
If you want to dive the depths in style, why not sign up for an underwater scooter tour?

Here you can plunge into the water and propel yourself around on an underwater scooter. Australia has some of the planet’s most amazing underwater scenery, marine wildlife, and reefs. The water here is bursting with life, and you may not want to miss out on your underwater tour.
Go Banana Boat Riding
This may sound like a pretty tame water activity, but in reality, it’s a lot of fun. Here you hold on to an inflatable banana-shaped tube that is being pulled by a speedboat. It’s completely safe, and when the boat speeds up, you get to hop and jump along the water.
Australia, The Home Of Exciting Water Sports

Its tons of fun and is sure to give you an adrenaline rush and the giggles. While you can find these banana boat rides all over Queensland, the best place to find them is in the city of Cairns.