Best Camping Spots In The Rocky Mountains


With the warmer breezes of summer finally, here it means camping season is upon us. Unless you enjoy chilly winter camping of course. But with these summer months and work vacations looming ahead of us, we thought it was time to do a round-up of some of the best camping locales in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. These spots offer stunning lakes, glaciers, and forests all designed to let you harmonize with nature and get back to basics.

Banff National Park
Banff has been known as a skiing destination for decades, and with it being Canada’s very first national park it is no wonder that it is still considered a prime area for those looking to spend a few nights amongst the mountains. Scattered throughout this vast park you will find standard campgrounds that have shower facilities, barbecue pits and the like but if you want to feel a bit more secluded you should head into the back country where a few shelters have been set up for the more adventurous campers to find.

Lake Louise Campground
You know those pictures you often see of Alberta with a glimmering emerald colored lake in the background and someone standing in front of it looking back like it is the most amazing place they have ever been? Well, that is Lake Louise. It is surrounded by the Rockies on either side, and the campground puts you within a ten-minute drive of the lake so you can go kayaking, bird watching and any other nature activities you like. What makes this a good choice for the city slickers is that it is also only one kilometer from Banff so if you want a night out on the town that is also an option.

Jasper National Park
All of these parks are stunning but Jasper has to be up there as one of or if not the most beautiful spots to camp at. It differs from Lake Louise and Banff in that the landscape feels a bit more vast. There are small islands dotted with trees in the middle of the lakes and sweeping mountains that cut across the sky. There are also a lot of options when it comes to camping year round. You will find RV parks and a few backcountry spots but expect the main camping grounds to busy and full of families now that summer is here.
So what are you waiting for? Grab your tent, book a flight, and head to Canada for that outdoor adventure you have been dreaming of!