The best dive sites around the world

As well as all the different places that we can visit around the world that are on land, there is an entirely separate world hiding beneath the surface of the ocean. The earth contains 71% of water with a total of five oceans, including the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, Indian and Southern Ocean. With many people choosing a career in diving, there are people all around the world exploring the depths, both scientifically and for fun. So where are the best places to go for a commercial dive? Let’s take a look.

Cape Kri, Indonesia
The Cape Kri dive site in Indonesia is meant to have one of the most stunning coral gardens on the planet. With amazing marine life such as Sharks, Manta Rays, giant trevallies and barracudas, everywhere you look. Records were broken here when a total of 374 species of fish were found. If you are wanting to take a look for yourself, the most recommended place to dive from is the Papua Diving Resort.

Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island
The name may sound quite daunting and if you have never seen a Barracuda before, the encounter can be rather scary. This site has a drop of 800 meters and it has the reputation of a world-class dive site. People choose this spot when they are looking to see something in particular such as Buffalo Fish, Coconut Crab, and Sea Turtles.

Blue Corner, Palau, Micronesia
Very popular amongst experienced divers, this spot does come with a warning due to its strong currents. One of the best places to spot a shark there is also an array of marine life which is full of diversity.
Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea
At this site, there is much more than fish to see with a cargo shipwreck from 1941. The ship to this day still contains motorbikes, trucks and train carriages. With a history that goes back to the war, the ship sank after being bombarded by two German bombers. Resting at a depth of 29 meters, the site is popular for those who like a night dive and there are many giant moray eels that call the wreck their home.