The Best Islands In Thailand


Thailand is known for being one of the most beautiful places in South East Asia. Over the past 10 years, tourism has increased dramatically and today, people are choosing to visit the country all year round. From bustling cities full of smog and delightful street food to the magical islands that can make anyone feel as though they are in a different world. With turquoise-blue waters and outstanding rock formations that sit close to a palm tree-lined beach, this really is a place you should visit. With tourism on the incline now more than ever, it is recommended that those thinking about visiting Thailand do it now – until it becomes a complete tourist trap and loses its authenticity. Here are some of the best islands to visit while touring around the country.
Koh Lipe
A huge part of Thailand has been classified as a national park, which means that there are some places that really are untouchable when it comes to making the area “more tourist-friendly”. Koh Lipe is part of the Tarutao National Marine Park and attracts divers from all over the world. The beaches are less busy than some of the other islands and it is a favorite amongst those who are looking for an ideal boat trip.

Koh Phangan
Famed for its famous Full Moon Party, the island has much more to offer than what most people think. Around five to seven days a month, the island is swarmed with backpackers looking to experience the gigantic beach party that awaits them on Haad Rin Beach in the southern area of the island. For the rest of the month, the island is rather calm and areas towards the north of the island can be blissful. From the hippy Zen Beach where you can see the most stunning sunsets and be joined by expats who come to share their music through to Secret Beach that you can find at the bottom of a steep hill. There are some of the best waterfalls, viewpoints and palm tree forests in South East Asia here on the island.

Koh Samet
Along the Gulf of Thailand, you will find Koh Samet that rests off the coast of Rayong. The island attracts a great range of marine life due to its coral reefs and with crystal clear waters, many can’t wait to go snorkeling. With traditional fire shows on the beaches, this island has everything you need, whatever you are looking for.