The Best Sandals For The Outdoor Adventurer

If you are the kind of person that regularly finds themselves out and about in nature, you will definitely need a great pair of sandals to wade through any pebble-strewn streams or a light pair to back in your trekking backpack. Finding the pair that suits all your needs, such as being water-resistant or simply just very comfortable can mean a lot of research and trying on multiple pairs. After many a hike, we have donned these brands and determined that they are the top three sandals for any outdoor adventurer.

This German brand has been known as one of the top sandal makers since its first pair was released in 1897. This sandal maker is known for its cork soles that are contoured to the shape of most feet. If you have flatter, wider, or just plain regular soles you can find a pair that will fit you. The cork bottom also allows for them to eventually mold to your feet to create that perfect fit. They come with synthetic straps, leather, patterned, patent, and a variety of other materials. If you have never owned a pair of these wonder sandals before than you are in for a life-changing experience. These are some of the most comfortable and sturdy sandals out there and once you have a pair you will find that you can never be without them.

Tevas are the kind of sandals that you can hike in if you want to feel the mulch of the trail between your toes. The velcro and fabric straps that keep these on your feet are fully adjustable which means if your feet swell from a lot of hiking you can loosen them as you go. They are also completely waterproof which means you won’t have to worry about the leather possibly being ruined on fancier sandals. The grip on the bottom is similar to that of a hiking boot which means you can easily scramble over rocks and other potentially slippery surfaces without worrying about slipping and falling.
The Best Sandals For The Outdoor Adventurer

Last but not least we have keens for the outdoor adventurer. These are a combination of sandal and hiking boot in one. They are designed to offer more toe protection with the front of them in a woven fabric cage. This will keep you from stubbing your toes on anything you don’t want to and the back is open to allow for airflow while you walk. Naturally, they too are waterproof making them good for hiking but also for water sports like canoeing and rafting.
With any of these sandals, you will find that they make an excellent addition to your shoe collection and they are also very comfortable which may mean you start to wear them for more than just outdoor pursuits. Plus, with Birkenstocks coming in so many different styles they can be dressed up or dressed down.