Camping In The Nature: All The Tricks You Need To Know

This weekend, take a trip on the wild side, and head into nature for a well deserved break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Go on a hike, enjoy the scenery and turn off your cell phone, literally go into the wild. We have some top tips about camping, so all you need to do is find the tent.

bug spray

Always bring bug spray with you, you never know when the annoying creatures will come out and bite you to death. There is nothing worse than being up all night fighting with the noise of a mosquito.

layer up at night

It tends to get cold when camping at night, so make sure that as well as your sleeping bag, you have lots of layers and blankets.

ziplock bags

incase of nasty insects and wild animals sniffing the food, make sure it is secure and tightly locked away in a safe spot.

A pack of cards

A pack of cards is a total must on a camping trip, plus backgammon, so you can sit in nature, and enjoy good time fun that does not include social media.


A camping trip wouldn’t be right without a bbq, so make sure to bring.

Camp fire

You must make a camp fire, and bring with you ingredients to roast marshmallows and make good old fashioned camp fire smores.