Celebrate Fall With These Great Spots In New York City


Despite being a bustling metropolis, full of skyscrapers and paved surfaces, New York City actually has over 5 million trees and if you travel up the Hudson river the city gives way to parks and greenery. When the weather begins to cool and the leaves change, the city and its surrounds are transformed into an auburn and orange paradise. Here are some of the best places to see fall in New York City.
Visit Fort Tyron Park
This 30,000-acre upper Manhattan park overlooks the Hudson River and in fall the change in colors is absolutely enchanting. With a view of the river and palisades, all the trees on the river bank below can be seen. Not only is the park transformed during the fall as the leaves change, but there are also some wonderful activities that visitors can enjoy. The heather garden is open to the public and here visitors can see over 500 different plants, some of which stay green throughout the year. The park also has a dog park, bike and paths, and trails and makes for a beautiful location for a romantic fall picnic.
Go sailing up the Hudson

There are several sightseeing cruises that operate in the area, one of which offers classic cruises on 1920s style yachts and sailing schooners. Tour the harbor and sail up the Hudson and enjoy the view of the trees with their golden color. Not only will you be able to see fall foliage but also some historical sites like the Geroge Washington bridge, the cloisters
Visit Central Park
New York Central Park offers is a beautiful place during fall and if you don’t want to travel too far out of the city then this is the perfect fall location with its hiking, biking and walking tours.

During fall the entire park changes color and the vies around the pond and the mall are breathtaking. One of the best places to see the fall leaves is from the lake and visitors can rent rowboats from the nearby Loeb boathouse. During the fall the park is picture perfect so be sure to bring a camera!