Discover the Netherlands

The Netherlands might be one of the smaller nations in the European Union, but this tiny destination has a lot to offer. While Amsterdam may be the most popular destination, there is still far more to discover while in the Netherlands. No trip to the Netherlands would be complete without a trip to these amazing cities.
The Hague
Known as the royal city by the sea, The Hague sits quietly on the western coast of the Netherlands. Here you can find the international court of justice, amazing waterside architecture that dates back to the renaissance and impressive cultural heritage. In the summer, Scheveningen’s beach’s golden sands and blue ocean attract many. Soak up some of the cities history with a trip to the majestic Binnenhof, a complex of buildings dating back to the 13th century.
Once a tiny fishing village, Rotterdam has grown into one of the largest seaports and economic centers in Europe.

While much of its older architectural marvels were destroyed during WWII, the city is now a modern architectural marvel. Market Hall is one of the most enchanting of these modern marvels with its massive ceiling mural.
Just off the beaten track and not far from The Hague, you will come across the sleepy town of Leiden. While predominantly a university town, Leiden is also a cultural and artistic mecca. The birthplace of Rembrandt, many of the town’s beautiful canals and quiet streets continue to inspire artists today.

Here you can tour the many museums or view the gothic architecture of Pieterskerk church steeples. With a large student population, the town’s pubs, clubs, and restaurants come alive.