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Enjoy The Beauty Of Portugal


During the peak age of exploration Portugal, like Holland and Britain and the Spanish, was a maritime colonial superpower. Today this heritage remains and its unique historical and cultural beauty, coupled with its breathtaking sights, makes Portugal a fantastic place to vacation. If you long for a break filled with beauty, history and style then here are some of the reasons why Portugal may be right for you.
Visit the Palace of Sintra
Being the oldest palace that still stands in Portugal, the Palace de Sintra was completed in the 14th century. This gorgeous national treasure features ornately decorative floors, themed suites and the main hall with a unique dome that sparkles to this day. Here Kings, queens, and princes have walked the hallowed halls and it’s a great place to soak up the history of Portugal and Europe.
Take in the sun at Porto Moniz
This beautiful resort town sits along the coastline atop ancient volcanic cliffs. With boundless sunshine-filled days, inviting waters and plenty of spa and shopping, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the waters.

The area is known for its many swimming pools and rock pools and the soaring cliffs provide some of the best views in all of Portugal. If you need a break from relaxing in the sunshine or blue waters then you can always check out the local aquarium or the Joao Baptista Fort.
Go wine tasting at Porto Calem
Portugal boasts some f the most well-known wineries in all of the world and the winery at Porto Calem is the most famous. The winery has a very colorful history and has been run by the same family for 4 centuries.

Here you can enjoy yourself at the Vila Nova de Gaia where you can enjoy a spa weekend and taste some of the best wines on offer.