Enjoy Some Of The Best Ancient Roman Baths Tuscany Has To Offer

Since ancient Rome, Romans have known the secrets of the thermal baths located around Italy. These ancient hot springs not only offered warmth in the winter months, but they also contained a variety of minerals that could help refresh and relax weary travelers. Today some of these natural baths still exist, and if you are looking for some natural pampering and relaxation, then you may want to check out these sights.
San Filippo Thermal Springs
Located amongst the picturesque rolling hills of Val d’Orca are the San Filippo thermal baths. The most impressive thing about these baths is a giant white formation that has formed over the millennia. This formation, known as the Fosso Bianco, almost looks like a giant iceberg that is rising from the waters.

Here in San Filippo, the waters are tranquil and warm and have an inviting blue hue that only adds to their mystery. The waters are filled with minerals that are amazing for the skin.
Petriolo Therma Springs
The hot thermal pools of Petriolo are located midway between Sienna and Grosseto, and here visitors can bask in the tranquil waters and enjoy the bucolic views of the surrounding landscape.

The waters of the pools are heated to a comfortable 43 degrees Celcius (109.4 degrees Fahrenheit), and in the winter months, this offers a warm welcome. Here the pools run into the colder waters of the Farma river below, and visitors can alternate between the hot and cold.
Bagni Vignoni Baths
This ancient roman bath is located alongside medieval buildings that have stood for centuries. In Roman times the long rectangular pool and grotto were constructed to capture the waters as they rose up from the earth. It was believed that the waters had terrific medicinal properties, and people frequently traveled to visit the site.

Today there are plenty of spas near the pools so you can enjoy the waters before heading off for a relaxing massage.