Escape To These Top Tropical Locations This Winter


If you dream of white sandy beaches, sunshine, and cocktails during the cold winters you might be longing for a tropical vacation. This winter there is no reason you cannot escape to a warmer climate before the cold snap sets in, and taking a tropical vacation doesn’t have to be something you only dream of. From Mozambique to the Bahamas, here are some of the best tropical vacation spots to check out this winter.
Tofo beach in Mozambique
This tropical paradise has the longest, uninterrupted stretch of Indian Ocean coastline in the world. Many of these white sandy beaches are unexplored, secluded and guaranteed to make you feel as though you are on your own private tropical island.

Dotted along these castaway beaches you can find the occasional bar or dive center. Unlike most beaches today, these unbroken white sands are not overpopulated with tourists and hotels. The waters off the Indian ocean are warm and inviting and perfect for snorkeling, diving or swimming. Relax, listen to the waves, enjoy a cocktail and allow your soul to recharge.
Fowl Cay in the Bahamas
This the place to go if you crave luxury and an escape from the real world. Nestled in the beautiful Bahamas, visitors have access to a variety of little islands off of this Cay.

When you are done exploring the islands you can enjoy your own private villa and watch the sunset each evening which enjoying a cocktail. Each villa on the Cay comes with its own private boat so guests can also enjoy a cruise on the sky blue waters. If you get bored you can always go golfing, fishing or sit by the pool as the summer passes.
Curacao in the Caribbean
Formally a Dutch Carribean Island, Curacao stands out from the other destinations because of the beautifully colored colonial buildings and rich history. Curacao offers a bit of everything but is especially a destination for ocean lovers, as you can find a lot of great snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving opportunities throughout Curacao. For history buffs, there are plenty of historical buildings and museums on the island.
Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean
Trinidad & Tobago is known not only for the beautiful beaches but also for its flamboyant lineup of festivals, parties, and feasts. Headlining the assortment of fun events is the traditional and annual Carnival.

This two-day festival is essentially a non-stop party that includes an amazing parade full of beautiful costumes and amazing people. Visitors can also enjoy historical sites and relaxing resort life.