The Best Places to Spend Your Honeymoon in Europe

A honeymoon is the perfect excuse for recently married couples to run away together and enjoy themselves. The diversity of climates and cultures makes Europe a hotspot for travelling couples worldwide. Here are some options in the old continent for you to plan out this unforgettable experience.


Santorini is a beautiful island located in the Aegean Sea. The mesmerizing cotton candy sunsets and white Mediterranean architecture make this Greek island the perfect scenario. Street vendors are scattered across the roads offering great opportunities to shop. It’s worth visiting the small towns of Fira, Imerovigli, Megalochori, and Pyrgos to learn about the
culture and history of this place.


Wine and dine is not the only thing you can do while discovering Venice. You can rent a gondola and take a romantic boat trip through the city’s canals. This “floating city” is one of Italy’s most popular tourist attractions because of its charming bridges and detailed architecture. The Piazza San Marco and the gorgeous Byzantine St. Mark´s Basilica at the central square is a must see.


Paris is known as the city of love, the ideal place for a romantic getaway. This metropolis is booming with life and art that can be appreciated from its gastronomy to its love for fashion. It’s home to the delicious patisserie, delicacies that are a must try when visiting. The energy of this city will keep the flames of love ignited.


Last but not least, Madeira is the perfect honeymoon destination for adventurous couples. Pebble filled beaches, rugged high cliffs and settlements of the Fajã River make this a magical place. The Portuguese city is famous for its vineyards, where multiple wine varieties are offered,
from sweet to dry table wines. What better way is there to end the honeymoon other than sharing a bottle of aged Vino by the beach.

The Wisdom Segment

Tahiti is the biggest of the Windward Islands in French Polynesia. As a result of years of volcanic activity, its geography is rich and mountainous. If it’s part of your travel itinerary, you will need to prepare for outdoor activities preferably spaced out over a relaxing week or two.
If you happen to want to test your surfing abilities, Teahupoo has the biggest and most powerful waves on the entire island. If this is the main reason for your visit, we recommend you to do so from May to August. Small boats can be rented for sightseeing.
If you are hoping to experience the local culture and blend with the community, put some time aside to visit the Papeete Market and be amazed by the island´s colorful and rich produce. Memorabilia and artwork to take home can be procured here. This quarter of town is the best place to enjoy Polynesian culture.