Exciting Things You Can Only Do In Dubai

Dubai is a thriving city situated in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, and the city is known for its decadent splendor and luxury. With its impressive skyline and innovative drive, the city has some unique attractions that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Here are some of the best and most fascinating sights to see the next time you find yourself in this thriving metropolis.
Go sandboarding on the dunes
Surrounded by desert, the people of Dubai have made the most of its many massive sand dunes. There are plenty of tours that will take you out to the desert where you can snowboard down the smooth dunes. If snowboarding isn’t your thing, then you can also grab a quad bike and race across the smooth sand. This is an excellent experience for those of you with a sense of adventure.
Eat at Dinner in the sky
Dinner in the sky offers a unique eating experience where guests are seated at a table that is secured onto an elevated platform. Located near the cities marina and with the sweeping skyline behind you, you can sit and enjoy the fantastic view.

This experience is best for those brave diners who don’t mind being suspended over the water, and with a fantastic menu, it promises to be an unforgettable meal.
Scuba dive at the mall
Conveniently located within the Dubai Mall, you will find the Duba Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Amazingly shoppers can walk passed the massive tanks as they enjoy a shopping outing. Here they can admire over 30,000 beautiful animals.

Not only that, the aquarium allows aquarium dives where experienced divers can strap on their tanks and dive the tanks