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Some Of The Most Exhilarating Hikes In The World


Hiking can be quite enjoyable and a great way to exercise and spend time outdoors. Whether it is a hike along a national trail or a simple hike in the woods, many spots are perfect for all ages. For the professionals, adrenalin junkies and daredevils hower, a simple gentle hike along a scenic trail isn’t gonna cut it. For those interesting in hiking for the rush and who are brave enough to push the boundaries of human endurance, strength and determination here are some hikes that may be perfect for you.
The Drakensburg Grand Traverse South Africa
The Drakensberg is a name given to the mountain ranges that form South Africa’s great escarpment. These mountains are full of steep rocky outcrops and cliffs that rise up to separate the green valleys below from the flat plateau above. The grand traverse mountain range stretches for 40 miles across the Kwazulu Natal Province and offers spectacular views and adventure. The paths can become treacherous and wet as clouds often and very suddenly slide down these escarpment mountains leaving dew, causing sudden showers and leaving hikers trapped in a sea of impenetrable cloud cover. In the winter the mountain tops are often covered in snow, making the hike even more difficult.
Huayna Picchu Mountain Peru
The Huayna Picchu trek begins in the great cavern at the base of the Huayna Picchu Mountain, until steeply moving up the mountainside toward the peak which overlooks the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu.

While the lower trail may be less strenuous with its undulating path that zigzags across the landscape the trail becomes increasingly steeper the higher you get with hikers in the higher trail needing to negotiate the loose rocks with their hands and feet. Often wet and unreliable, the upper portions of the trail are dangerous and the air is thin. This climb is so dangerous that it has even been referred to as the ‘hike of death’.
Huashan Mountain, Huayin, Weinan, China
Atop this steep, rock outcrop sits an ancient temple that only the best hikers get to see.

In order to reach it, however, hikers have to carefully negotiate the climb, with much of the climb involving walking across narrow wooden planks fixed to the smooth, steep rockface. This is no easy climb and will test the endurance of even the bravest climbers as climbers also face sections with nothing but shallow foot supports that are carved into the vertical rock.