Explore Greenland

Greenland is the largest island on the planet and while most of the land surface of this beguiling place is covered by ice sheets, it still makes for an amazing holiday destination. With its coastline lined with mesmerizing fjords and royal blue waters, Greenland is the perfect location to visit for tourists looking for some adventure. Here are some of the best things about visiting Greenland.
The northern lights
Situated in the northern hemisphere, adrift in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans is Greenland. Because of its northern location with very little light pollution, Greenland is one of the best places to experience the majesty of the northern lights. Greenland has a population of fewer than 60,000 people which means there are no large cities that produce noise and light pollution. This means that not only can visitors see the northern lights more clearly, but the stillness of the island means you can hear the crackle and fizz sound that the lights make. While adventurers can see and hear the northern lights in winter, in summer visitors also get to experience the midnight sun, where the sun shines through most of the night.
Its fascinating landscape
It’s true that the center of the island is capped by a massive glacier, but the edges of the island offer a completely different experience. Here snowcapped mountains rise up to meet the ocean, and sweeping green valleys fill the gaps between slopes. Fjords make up the coastline and here visitors will find themselves surrounded by mountains of green with clear blue glacial waters.
Explore Greenland

If you travel further inland from the coast you can see enormous ice shelves and glaciers that have existed for millennia. Nowhere else in the world will you find sights like this.
Go whale watching
If you visit at the right time of the year you will be able to go whale watching in the Denmark Straight. Here not only will you see whales as they glide through the water, but you can also see your fair share of polar bears, seals, and walruses. The area is also home to narwhals which is an almost mythical creature unique to the island. There are several tours where you can kayak through the waters to see all the wildlife in its natural habitat.
Nanortalik Hot Springs
Take a dip in the naturally occurring hot springs and let your troubles melt away. These heated pools allow you to enjoy the warmth and therapeutic waters that are heated by ancient underground forces.
Explore Greenland

As you relax in the mineral-rich waters you can watch massive icebergs float passed in the fjords nearby. It is a completely unique experience that should be added to anyone’s bucket list.