Explore Milan Like A Local With These Helpful Tips And Tricks


This Italian metropolis has flourished since the renaissance and today it has lost very little of its allure. With its luxury restaurants, works of art and gothic architecture the city is the epitome of style and culture. If you long to see some of the city then why not visit some of these top sites.
See the beauty of the gothic cathedral
Milan’s Duomo di Milano cathedral is like no other on the planet. With its unique Italian gothic arches and delicate stone detailing the cathedral is one of the largest churches in all of Italy. Here you can walk the silent vestibules as you admire the renaissance workmanship and the gothic perfection of the facades. For a small fee, you can also tour the roof of the cathedral where you can enjoy the spires and gargoyles up close as you look over the city.

Take a foodie walking tour
If you have a passion for food then Milan is the place for you. Here some of the most scrumptiously delicious morsels can be found in the most unlikely places. So why not try one of the cities ‘Milan for Foodies Tours’ where you can take a stroll through the Brera neighborhood and sample some of the areas traditional foods from the local bars, restaurants, and markets.
Take a city tour on a Segway
Milan is an old city with many small alleyways and roads and what better way to tour the city than on a Segway. All over the town’s main square, you can find plenty of company’s offering these unique tours and after a quick lesson to get you going you will be ready to see the city’s ancient wonders.

The tours take you passed the Galleria, the Piazza del Duomo, and the ancient castle with its ancient fortifications. Not only do the segway’s allow you to nip quickly through the city avoiding traffic, but you get to wear a headset that allows you to take your own private guided tour