Fall in Love in Lucca, Italy

Located in the heart of beautiful Tuscany, Lucca is one of the most romantic cities in the region. Once known for its thriving silk trade and its Roman amphitheater, Lucca now serves as one of the most romantic cities. Its historic city center, cobbled streets, and renaissance walls create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic European getaway. Whether you are there for the sites or to spend some time under cupids spell, here are some of the best things you can do in beautiful Lucca.
Take a stroll in the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro
Today this oval-shaped piazza is the perfect place to sit in a café, do some light shopping or listen to live performers in the warm evenings. It’s a bustling plaza with many restaurants where visitors can enjoy beautifully prepared meals under the night sky. While today it may have a more romantic atmosphere, the Piazza was once an ancient Roman amphitheater where gladiators competed in front of enthusiastic spectators.

Enjoy the botanical gardens
The botanical gardens in Lucca are a natural wonder located in the heart of the city. Here visitors can bask in the serenity and quiet of the lush gardens that span over 2 hectares. With plants from all over the world, the garden also features tranquil ponds, perfectly trimmed bushes, and spectacular fountains. Here you will feel like you are in your own secret, hidden garden; even though you are really in the heart of this bustling city.
Visit the Church of Santi Giovanni e Reparata
Fall in Love in Lucca, Italy

The church of Santi Giovanni and the adjacent baptistery is an ancient cathedral in Lucca and even though it was renovated throughout the 17th century, it still has its original Romanesque features. With its beautiful ancient naves and ancient Roman columns, this beautiful building also features a baroque chapel on the northern side. Visitors to the church can see first hand the various historical layers of this timeless church.
Walk on the cities ancient walls
The original renaissance walls and ramparts of Lucca still stand firmly and encircle the entire city. The ramparts are wide and sturdy and in the 1800s these walls were transformed into a beautifully unique park, with trees, grass, and benches being placed on the top of the walls.

Visitors can stroll along the walls above the city or take a bike tour and enjoy the views from on high.