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Get Lost in the Fjords of Norway


For those that spend the majority of their time in the city, an escape to the wilderness is exactly what is needed. No more busy restaurants, crowded sidewalks, and non-stop traffic jams, it is time to let yourself go in the wilds of Norway in some of the most spectacular fjords in the world. When you picture Norway itself you imagine the midnight sun that shines for what feels like 24-hours in the summer, wildlife roaming free, and the rich Viking history that still permeates the culture. But the fjords are something special. These are the three you simply have to visit, and if you want to rent a little cabin along the way or camp in the woods you can. Fun fact: in Norway, it is legal to camp anywhere you want as long as the land has not been ‘cultivated.’ So don’t forget your tent when you set off on your grand Viking adventure.

Møre & Romsdal
This area is where the most spectacular of the fjords exist and that is also why it is one of the most commonly visited by tourists and Norwegians alike. There are three main ones to visit: Geirangerfjord, Hjørundfjord and Romsdalsfjord. Each one offers breathtaking views, mountain hikes, and the chance to take a fjord cruise which will take you deep into them and leave you awestruck by just how vast they are.

Sogn & Fjordane
Now all of the fjords offer beautiful vistas and a variety of watersports that you can do to make sure you see everything the area has to offer. But this area, in particular, offers some interesting historical buildings, namely some very old wooden churches that have stood the test of time. The Sognefjord has two fjords forking off of it, which makes it the longest fjord of them all which is how it got its nickname the “King of the Fjords.” It measures in at a whopping 204 kilometers. No visit to this area would be complete without a visit to Borgund Stave Church. It was built around 1180 AD and is one of the treasures of the region.

The last area that fjords are found in is Rogaland where Lysefjord is located. This one is much more mountainous than the other two areas with a large cliff overhang named Preikestolen. Once you’ve completed the 4-kilometer hike to the top of this cliff you will have the entire fjord spread out beneath you. It will feel like being on top of the world.