Five Little Known Things About Uganda

When you think about the small central African nation of Uganda, you probably picture something very specific. Likely, you see lush jungles, and gorillas in the mist in your mind’s eye. While Uganda is known for its gorillas, and picturesque national parks, there is a lot more to this small country just waiting to be discovered.

The Food Scene

Kampala, the capital of Uganda has a number of restaurants which offer cuisine from Mexico and different parts of Asia. However, Ugandan cuisine itself is unique and worth trying. It embodies different tastes from the West, and hints of India. That’s due to the colonial influence. These spices work together to create a truly unique palette. One dish every visitor to Uganda has to try is matoke. This dessert is made from unripened bananas, and a sugar mixture.

Snow Capped Mountains

The tallest mountain on the continent of Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, but Uganda has its own mountain range. That’s right, Uganda actually has snow capped mountains. The Rwenzori Mountain range is found on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At their highest peak, they reach 5,109 meters. If you’re looking to do some mountain trekking, then these mountains are a great place for that. Just remember to dress warmly for the snow.

Party Like A Local

No matter how you enter the country, whether it is by air or bus you will end up in Kampala. This capital city has a lot to offer for the visitor who wants some nightlife. There are bars, clubs, and restaurants on nearly every corner. To fully enjoy Ugandan nightlife, head to Kololo. This part of the city is known for its bumping nightlife on Fridays, and it is a great place to meet some locals and learn about the best spots to visit.

Lake Victoria

While many countries in Africa have experienced drought in the past, Uganda is known for its access to water. Lake Victoria, named after the British monarch of the same name, is one of the largest lakes in the country. It is part of the Great Lakes Region within Africa, and all of that water is what contributes to the lush rainforests that Uganda is known for.

The Rainforest

When you think about rainforests, you tend to imagine the Amazon in South America. Africa actually has the second largest amount of rainforests in the world. Uganda is home to one of the largest swathes of this forest, as it is protected by national parks. This maintains the ecosystem and food supply necessary for the silverback gorillas to survive.

The next time you are thinking about where to go in the world, consider heading to Uganda.