Get Your Green Juice Fix At These 3 Los Angeles Spots

Green juices and even fresh pressed juice, in general, is an excellent way to get a natural sugar boost and some much-needed vitamins and antioxidants. But not all green juices are as good as some others, it does take a bit of trial and error to get the right ingredients that will give you the boost you need as well as a flavor that you actually want to drink. Los Angeles has been the city that embraces all the health food fads but with green juice actually being healthy a lot of smoothies and juicing bars have begun to pop up all over. Here are the three juice bars you have to hit if you are looking for you next wheatgrass shot and a big glass of green goodness.

Moon Juice

This little juicery has three locations in Melrose Place, Silver Lake, and Santa Monica. It has quickly become every juice enthusiasts favorite because all of their concoctions are designed to address certain needs that your body might have. In particular, they are known for their “alchemizers” which feature some of their “moon dust” which are powders composed of petals, raw foods, herbs, and other unknowns. Each moon dust that is added to a juice or smoothie is designed to improve something such as brain function, deeper sleep, and overall energy. Expect to find mushrooms as the main ingredient in a lot of their green juices but don’t worry they’re very tasty.

Get Your Green Juice Fix At These 3 Los Angeles Spots

Lifehouse Tonics + Elixirs

The name of this juice bar definitely makes it sound like it could be an apothecary from the olden days but that is what makes their creations so unique. They have decided to use probiotics in most of their drinks to promote gut health and aid in digestion. And instead of using the healing power of mushrooms they have sourced a wide variety of interesting ingredients such as ashwagandha and algae. It might sound like these would not mesh well in juice form but they do and the Greenhouse Chip tonic should be on your to taste list.

Get Your Green Juice Fix At These 3 Los Angeles Spots

Glowing Juices

‘Glowing’ definitely lets customers know what their juices are designed to do. This little gem is hidden in Echo Park and definitely seems to want to keep everyone’s chakras aligned. Their juices and tonics have been developed to address each part of the body both physical and spiritual. The Brain Juice is good for those who feel like they need some mental clarity and will provide a boost of energy to get the day started.