The Search For The Best Eclair in Paris

Have you ever had a chocolate eclair? It is made with choux pastry, filled with thick cream, and then topped with chocolate icing. Simply put, they are amazing. But finding the best eclairs in France is no easy feat. We decided it was time, mainly because some of us can’t get enough of them, to find the top three that French patisseries have to offer.

The History Of The Eclair

The eclair’s origins are definitively French but the specific inventor itself is still a topic of discussion. They first appeared on the culinary scene in the 1800s and are now a stable at any French bakery. The key to a good eclair is to make sure that the choux pastry is not dry which only the masters can achieve.

The Search For The Best Eclair in Paris


This luxe French bakery has been known for producing some of the finest macarons but traditional and not so traditional eclairs are also right up their alley. You can try the traditional one which will basically melt in your mouth or go for one of their special flavors like mint and lemon, caramel, or the Brest-Eclair which is stuffed with praline cream. It will be very hard to top this.

Maison Pradier

This bakery has been open since 1859 so they have had a lot of time to perfect their eclairs which they most definitely have. Each eclair looks like a masterpiece with some delicate chocolate finishes and fun flavors. But for this shop, we would say stick with the classic.

The Search For The Best Eclair in Paris

Gontran Cherrier

This is not one of the more well-known bakeries which makes it so special. You will not see the massive lines of the other two as tourists flock to them wanting to have a taste of what they see as the ‘real’ eclair. This small bakery is run by a fourth generation baker who is the namesake of the shop and he has spent a lot of time learning his craft which shows in his creations. He has put his own signature twist on the eclair in how he puts the chocolate topping on. Instead of the traditional icing dip, he lays a strip of fine chocolate along the top. The pastry is still just as good but the chocolate is a little bit different and may flake off a bit. Make sure not to miss a bite!