Frozen Winter Fantasy- Visit The Ice Castles In Midway, Utah

Homestead Resort is located in the sleepy bucolic town of Midway, a small town just outside of Heber City in Utah. Every winter, as the temperature falls drops and the snow begins to swallow the mountains, Homestead Resort is transformed by a dedicated team of ice artists into a magnificent ice castle that will have you living out your ‘Frozen’ fantasies.
The ice castles are created every year by assembling hundreds of icicles by hand. Once the ice crystals are in place artists cover them in water that then refreezes in the winter cold. This is how the massive ice walls of the installation are made, and each year the castles have a new design and layout. While the castles are pretty amazing during the day, at night the ice is illuminated by colorful LED lights which only add to the beauty of these structures.

Visitors are allowed to roam free and explore the frozen castle, wandering through frozen tunnels and passageways. when they need to rest they can sit on frozen thrones that are dotted all over the castles. visitors can also get lost in the ice maze. Within the castle walls, there are also several working ice fountains that are amazing to see.
The resort also offers great family-friendly ski packages on the nearby slopes. If skiing isn’t your thing, you can ice-skate in the area around the ice castles. In the past, the ice artists that created the ice castles have also created an open-air rink next to the castle so that you can skate your heart out. Around the holidays you can also take a traditional sled ride in the area while enjoying hot cocoa.

If the ice castles chill you to the bone you can always warm up with a swim in the nearby waters of Homestead Crater, a geothermal caldera where the clear blue waters are a constant, comfortable 96 degrees Fahrenheit! You can scuba dive in the water or simply soak in the warm embrace of this naturally heated mineral water. A visit to the caldera is a one in a lifetime experience because you get to swim in the heated waters in the dead of winter.
Frozen Winter Fantasy- Visit The Ice Castles In Midway, Utah

With skiing, skating, sled rides and an amazing ice castle this really is a winter wonderland that offers a lot more exciting activities for families and couples. And unlike most frozen wonderlands, this one comes with a geothermal pool where you can escape the cold.