Get The Best Of Belgium

Situated between France, Netherlands, and Germany, this tiny western European country is known for its medieval and renaissance architectural wonders. With many sites to see this little country has a lot to offer visitors. Here are some of the most exciting sites to see in Belgium while on a budget.
Visit the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken
The royal greenhouses are a collection of buildings located in the park outside the Castle of Laeken. Made of glass and iron, the gardens date back to the 18th century and include the famous iron church, a domed greenhouse that originally served as a royal chapel. The greenhouses include an orangery, a winter garden and even the greenhouse of the Congo and while some of the greenhouses are tropical, others are cold greenhouses. For a minimal fee, you can visit the greenhouses and make a day of it.

Beautiful Bruges
This charming gothic city is located in the northwest of Belgium and here you can see the medieval and renaissance buildings either by walking along the picturesque cobbled streets or by traveling by boat along the many canals of the city. The canals weave through the city as they make their way to the center, and all along the way you can see the gothic buildings and magical bridges as they pass above you.
In the city center, you will find Burg Square with its 14th-century town hall and the famous bell tower. At the bell tower be sure to climb the 366 steps to the belfry to see the view and hear the bells. In the town square, you can buy some of the world’s best chocolate, with Chocolatier Dumon being the most famous chocolatier in the city.
The Hallerbos or “blue forest”
In the spring the forest outside the municipality of Halle blossoms into a beautiful blue wonderland when thousands of bluebells spring up and carpet the forest floor. These spring flowers completely change the forest’s appearance and photographers and nature lovers come from all over to see this annual bloom.
Get The Best Of Belgium

While bluebells can be found all over Europe, this blue forest is unique as nowhere else does an entire forest transform like this. Visitors to the area can enter for free and explore this magical wonderland.