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Get To Know Interlaken, Switzerland


This mountain paradise, known as Interlaken, nestled in the Bernese Highlands of Switzerland is like a fairytale come to life. On one side you have Lake Thun and on the other Lake Brienz with the little chalet style gingerbread houses scattered in between. If you are looking to get away to the mountains and experience nature while still having all the resort amenities you could want then this is the perfect place. Everywhere you look it is like a postcard. Plus, it is extremely easy to get here by train making it a good weekend getaway. Here are the top four activities you should do once you arrive.

Schynige Platte
It is all about the mountains here, so naturally, you take a train on a 115-year old track all the way up to the top of Schynige Platte Station which puts you a staggering 2000 meters above Interlaken on Schwarzhorn Mountain. If you do not like heights this will not be the best activity for you but the train ride up gives you unparalleled views, access to multiple hiking trails and an Alpine garden for the horticulturalists in you.

Lake Brienz
Those turquoise waters you see every time you Google Interlaken? That is the beautiful Lake Brienz. It is icy cold for swimming as you might imagine, but you can take one of the five steamboats that still run on it to check out the Giessbach which has a waterfall that is half a kilometer high and cascading into the lake. You can also stop off at the Grand Hotel Giessbach for a quick drink or a decadent meal depending on where the day is taking you.
Lake Thun
While Lake Brienz is relatively windfree, Lake Thun is not which is why all the watersports take place here. If you are an avid windsurfer or paddle boarder you will not be disappointed. You are almost guaranteed a slight breeze and if sunbathing is more up your alley you can lay down on one of the many little beaches or take in the views of Thun Castle.
Get To Know Interlaken, Switzerland

Medieval Unterseen
Last but not least, if you are still wandering around Lake Thun you should stop off at Unterseen, a small medieval town dating back to the 13th century. Many of the buildings are remarkably well-preserved such as the church and the restaurant which used to be the town hall. You will feel as if you have stepped back in time. Interlaken has charm in abundance and is the perfect weekend spot for a family who wants to play in the lakes, or couples who want to pretend that the hills are alive just like in The Sound of Music.