Give Your Taste Buds A Treat And Visit The Paris Chocolate Festival

The end of October early November marks a special time for visitors to Paris as the annual chocolate festival takes place in the city. Known as Le Salon du Chocolat (that’s the salon of chocolate in French), the festival promises to satisfy even the most committed chocolate lover. Established in 1994 the annual festival is normally held in Paris in the Porte de Versailles. After briefly being hosted in New York, Moscow and Tokyo this year the festival has finally returned to Paris.
The festival hosts chocolatiers, pastry chefs and confectioners, cocoa experts and designers from all over the world and visitors get to enjoy and sample some of the most delicious chocolates and desserts. The festival a great place for experts to congregate and share new ideas, technology and some of the finest cocoa beans from exotic locales. It’s a great place for chocolate lovers to sample new chocolates, see giants chocolate displays and buy their favorite treats. The festival is a must-see for tourists and Parisians alike.
The festival also showcases some of the more technical chocolate making techniques. If you want to learn how to make your own chocolate there are also several workshops for adults and children that run throughout the day. Whether you are a novice or a foreign chocolatier hoping to learn from the French masters, classes are designed according to skill level some very advanced classes are on offer.

The festival is not only an orgasmic taste sensation but also features the annual chocolate fashion parade. Here designers team up with some of the best chocolatiers and create outfits made of chocolate. While these lucky models get to show off these breakthrough designs that are one of a kind, sadly the dresses and gowns are not for eating as fans can also see displays of chocolate coutour from previous years parades.
In addition to the elaborate creations showcased in the fashion parade, visitors also get to see another revolutionary, and sometimes downright outrageous, creations. From a 1 tonne realistic gorilla to chocolate architecture, the chocolatiers who showcase their chocolate artwork make sure to bring their most innovative and record-breaking creations
Each year the festival has a specific theme that helps reign in the creative minds of the shows chocolatiers. At the end of the festival, some of the best chocolatiers (and fashin designers!) are honored in the prestigious chocolate awards.

Prizes are handed out for the best chocolate, the newest filled chocolate flavors, the best dress, and the best mega chocolate creation. So if you love chocolate and are in Paris make sure to visit Le Salon du Chocolat this autumn.