Where To Go On A Road Trip

If you are looking for an adventure and want to try something new, why not go ahead and plan the perfect road trip? Drive down an open road with views beyond your wild imagination running along either side of your car, listening to your favorite songs and singing along with your best friends. Sounds dreamy right? There are great roads all over the world that are already popular ‘road trippin’ spots.
You can plan a schedule that you want and the best thing about it is, is that is doesn’t make such a difference to the trip if you decide to stop and take a look at something amazing you have noticed. Driving down the highway and stopping off at a motel you like the look of or you can even go ahead and travel in a van that is totally equipped with everything you need to spend the night inside. Here are some of the best road trips from around the world.
Route 66, USA
This has got to be the most famous road trip. Passing by eight states and stretching over two thousand miles, this was one of the first-ever routes for this type of travel. People were long cruising down Route 66 way before they were hopping back and forth to different states on an airplane. The stretch offers small-town America, breathtaking landscapes, roadside diners (like the ones out of the movies) as well as windswept towns steeped in history. If you are looking to pass all eight states, then you are better planning a one to two-week trip.

Great Ocean Road, Australia
A completely different vibe and setting to Route 66, the Great Ocean Road in Australia sits in the top five traveler’s wishlist in the UK, with many doing it not one but two or three times. The road runs along the coast of the state of Victoria and into Melbourne, totaling around 150 miles. With a combination of rainforests, beaches and stunning rock formations this really is an amazing experience.

Pacific Coast Highway, USA
Since Route 66 requires such a stretched-out amount of time to see it in all its glory, the Pacific Coast Highway can be enjoyed in a much shorter time. Beautiful scenery including the coast and small towns can be appreciated on this road trip from Los Angeles to San Fransico.