Such Great Heights: Top Treehouse Resorts Of 2019

While there are quite a few treehouse resorts out there finding ones that are unique, have luxe amenities like treetop pools (yes, they exist!) and other interesting features that make them stand out from the crowd is a little bit harder. These four are some of the best in our humble opinion and in some of the farthest-flung reaches of the world. But remember, if you have a fear of heights then these rooms in the sky may not be for you!

Keemala, Phuket Island, Thailand
Phuket Island itself is considered a beach destination in southern Thailand and the jumping off point for ferries to the many other islands in the area. But Keemala offers an experience that the other resorts in the region do not: Tree Pool Houses. These treehouses are made out of light bamboo which is both durable and extremely strong which allows them to nestle comfortably in the lush rainforest outside of Patong Beach. Each of these tree houses has its own pool that is suspended next to it for lazy laps and sun loungers on a wide veranda to catch the rays.
Such Great Heights: Top Treehouse Resorts Of 2019

Treehouse Lodge, Peru
This little gem of a treehouse resort is designed to be off the beaten track. It is placed amidst a vast 345-acre nature reserve in the middle of the Amazon jungle. This is the kind of place a traveler goes to completely disconnect from the world. Do not expect to find Wifi here but instead hang out in your treehouse built into the rainforests canopy and surrounded by all sorts of wildlife. All the treehouses have walkways that attach to the main building so you can easily navigate the area. You can leave your tree dwelling and head into the rainforest itself for adventures like pirana fishing.

This last tree hotel is actually found in the Arctic Circle portion within Sweden proper. Their treehouses feature mirrored sides which make them blend harmoniously into nature and feature the soothing Scandinavian interiors that most people love. Think light wood, minimalist decor, and skylights. There is also a sauna on site if you want to kick back and sweat everything out, and the onsite restaurant offers up food featuring freshly caught game and seasonal berries.
Each of these treehouses will be places you never forget and you will want to immortalize them by taking many pictures.