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Great Ways To Save Money On Your Next Trip Part 1


Nowadays, your dream vacation can come with quite a hefty price tag, and often we are prevented from taking our dream trips because of the high cost. Luckily with these simple budgeting tips, you will be able to spend wisely and afford your dream trip. Keep scrolling t find out more about how you can take that trip you have been fantasizing about without breaking the bank
Budgeting for accommodation costs
Popular travel destinations are often geared towards tourism. This can mean that staying in these places can be quite expensive. Instead, staying in an adjacent town means you can avoid the high cost but still be close enough to travel back and forth. For instance, if you have your heart set on seeing Rome, staying in the capital may not be your cheapest option and instead, try staying in a village nearby.
Stick to Vacation homes instead of hotels

For extended stays, you may want to ditch the hotel and stick to a vacation rental. In the end, these work out to be a lot cheaper and budget-friendly. Not only are these rentals more affordable, but they are also more comfortable and homely.
Connecting flights are your friend.
Yes, a flight with plenty of connections can be a bit of a nightmare, but these flights can actually end up saving you a large chunk of change. In fact, you can pay almost half the regular fair by taking a flight with connections. There are plenty of things to keep you busy during connections, and all you need to do is prepare yourself.

In the end, they can end up being quite fun just remember taking your dream trip is a journey, not a marathon.