Have you heard of glamping?

You might have not heard of “glamping” but it is a growing trend in the hotel industry. It’s specifically designed for those people who love the outdoor experience of a camping site with the commodities and glamour of modern hotel lodging. Glamping has the best of both worlds. It’s also a great option for those couples where one part is not too keen on sleeping outdoors and prefers the comfort of a fluffy bed and a private bathroom.

This new way of traveling has caught the hospitality industry by storm. You no longer have to carry heavy rucksacks to the perfect spot, set up your own tent and sleep on a sleeping bag on the ground. This will all be ready for you when you get there, even a complete bathroom will be available. You get everything you want from a luxurious vacation without having to give up on the outdoor experience. Glamping comes in many forms and does not necessarily mean camping in a tent. Every culture has its own version of camping and you are welcome to enjoy them all.

Glamping has also provided an answer to the prayers of all those people who were seeking for a fresh new experience. The traveling industry has reinvented itself once again. Sleeping in the woods, the desert or the jungle can be an incredible adventure that they will never forget as long as they live. If you are feeling adventurous, glamping somewhere exotic is definitely for you as well!

The features and amenities at the different glamping destinations are first-class and exceed every expectation. This amazing trend has been growing strong these past few couple of years and it’s nowhere near to be over. We have selected a few examples of glamping sites around the world so you can actually see what the fuss is all about and maybe travel there yourself:

A beautiful glamping tent in Panama City, Florida

Glampotel in Bere Regis, England

Tree house in Lake Bled, Gorenjska, Slovenia

A stunning safari tent in Maasai Mara, Kenya

Yurt in Elgin, Texas

So, how do you like these locations? Have we convinced you to give glamping a try? Keep this option in mind for when you organize your next vacation trip. Just check online or with a travel agent and explore the glamping possibilities you have available in your area. This would make a great little get-away trip for you and your partner! Beautiful, peaceful and in a private location, this is a great scenery to rekindle the romance. Think about how wonderful it would be to spend your anniversary in a place like this!